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Dissapointed with Viewsonic XG2401

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I finally bought it and the colors are washed up. It just looks too bright no matter what setting I set it to (as in "gloomy", I dont know how to describe it. It's specially noticeable when you read test on a white background, in reddit for example, the greyed out text like "submitted by" , "points" etc is a bit annoying to read). I feel as if when you wake up and don't wash your eyes. My eyesight is not perfect and I have dry eyes but I remember my former monitor being better. Everything has a "bright" tint. I have tried this:


Still no luck. I know TN panels have bad colors but I expected better, like I said I think even my old 2233rz had better colors so im pretty confused. 1080p video was also in my book sharper, and with better colors in the 2233rz. Gaming is pretty good tho (at least quake, didn't bother testing any other game)

I tried the "Cleartext" thing and selected the text that I think looked better.

Do I have to download any drivers or something? it came without a cd.

My current settings:

Contrast: 65: brightness: 10 User color: R 100 G 100 B 100 Viewmode: standard Response time: advanced Low input lag: ultra fast "Displayport1.2" checked in "setup menu" Everything else not stated here is set by default. Btw, the speakers don't work (its supposed to have speakers I think?)

My GPU: https://www.msi.com/Graphics-card/R7850-Power-Edition-2GD5OC#hero-overview

Is there any tests I can do to guarantee it's not bad calibration? Because im considering returning it to confirm it's not the panel. Geez just the thought of having to return it gives me an headache. Please help frown.gif
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I had xg2401. My head and eyes ached from him. I tried to configure it. In the end, I sold it. I returned my old 2233rz, it is better for the eyes, although it is also far from ideal.
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I had a very similar experience with a BenQ XL2411z, I could not tolerate reading on it, the light Cyan text in the Nvidia Control Panel was very unreadable ... I hated having to go there to change resolution, refresh rates etc ..

I was getting eyestrain and headaches after just several minutes on it. And the end, after not being able to get used to it, I sold it after about a month.

Never quite figured out what the reason was for it, especially with people saying it is designed to reduce eye strain, with it being PWM flicker free, and having the low blue light setting that should apparently help. Reducing brightness on it did not help much.

I was thinking it may be the high refresh rate that bugs me, but that I found somewhat unreasonable.

I recently bought a Dell SG2417DG, because I had a 4K VA monitor, but I play FPS often, and I like better motion clarity and response, which my 4K VA TV was seriously lacking. I was a bit terrified while waiting for delivery , it being a TN panel I was worried it may just be the TN panels that I can't tolerate.

But to my relief, it is nothing like that. Colors were a little washed out, but I used my Colormunki to calibrate it, and it is very very good for my use.
And I love the clarity in FPS games, which is why I mainly bought it.

That said, I am not trying to sell you the Dell, but just wanted to share the experience. The Dell does have its own issues, namely banding and bad factory gamma without a gamma settings in the monitor's menu. But I don't mind those one bit to be honest, and I am very happy with it. Others have returned the Dell because of those. You may very likely have the same issues with the Dell too.

To this day, I have no idea what it was that caused those issues I had with the BenQ.

- maybe the fact I did not have it calibrated with the Colormunki like I have the Dell (I did not own the colorimeter at the time)
- maybe the fact it's DPI was too low, ~92 PPI, while I was used to 40" 4K, so ~110 PPI. The Dell has ~122 PPI.
- maybe it was something else that still eludes me to this day
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you've tried the settings on pcmonitors info, right?

weird you say its too bright no matter what, it goes all the way down to 30~ lumen
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Poor black levels resulting in poor contrast in combination with the very hazy anti-glare coating equals, well, what you've got on your hands. Your monitor is not defective, it just is what it is. You can counteract this somewhat by increasing gamma (make it "darker" - I'm pointing this out because it's usually backwards in video games. Moving the gamma slider to the left actually increases gamma in most video games) - see if it still bothers you. But don't expect you'll get anything better in the 144hz 1080p TN range. They're all packing the same panel except for the MG248 which may be a different one, but from what I've read and seen, it's the same thing for all intents and purposes.
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Interesting you mention the coating.

I have read the Dell I have has a somewhat lighter matte anti-glare coating, so wondering if that may be the reason why I don't have as much problems / eye strain reading as on my BenQ. The only obvious first difference was the higher resolution, so that was my prime suspect, but if the Dell indeed has a lighter coating than the BenQ, that may be another reason why.

I guess even if contrast is just as bad, maybe the lighter coating helps alleviate the problem somewhat.

But from what you described, would not IPS panels have similar problems though ? (black level, poor contrast etc ..) ? Or do they have better anti-glare coatings ?
I have not read as much complaints about eye strain / issues reading etc coming from IPS users.

I guess there is the gamma shift too with the TN panels, maybe that is an issue too, but does not seem to bother me that much on my Dell.
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