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The project will be consisting of the:

Asus Strix RX 480 8Gb
Asus Crosshair VI ROG Motherboard
G Skills Flare X 3200 16GB ram
AMD Ryzen 1600X
Corsair H50 for cooling

All parts have been ordered and some have arrived as seen below.

As you can see I am waiting on my CPU and I will be reusing an older Thermaltake V Series V9 BlacX Edition Chassis.

I will update when The CPU arrives and will have more pics.

CPU has arrived!!

A few teaser pics for your pleasure.

almost completely built, Need to find a non led fan or a blue one to complete the physical side of things. Next will be installing os and getting all tweeked out, so the BEATINGS MY COMMENCE.

I have been having troubles with the Flare X Ram and been working with New Egg and Gskill on this. I also think a more accommodating Chaise is in order so I am buying a Cool Master Master Case 5 along with Possible RGB fans. Still have to figure out Finances for this though.

I have been able to get the CPU up to 4.1Ghz. Happy with that! biggrin.gif
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