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I know a troubleshooting thread doesn't sound exciting, but hear me out (and maybe tell me to just RMA frown.gif ):

Brand new build:
600W Powersupply
Asus Z270-A Prime
7600k @ 4.4 GHZ
8GB DDR4 @ 3 GHZ
Samsung thingamaboob SSD
Gigabyte 1060 Windforce OC 6G

The problem:
Install a clean windows 10 Creators Update off of a USB. Installed chipset drivers and NIC drivers. Threw on a new-ish set (later the newest) of Nvidia drivers.

Initially (Line Based) I get medicore DPCs, very bad framerates (about half of what they should be) and some input lag. But the system is 100% stable. Prime DPC culprit is the NVidia driver.

I then switch the GFX to MSI mode and I get perfect DPCs with ~300-400 spike. Framerates in games are now perfect, I'm bottoming out at ~220 in Overwatch and often near 300 in fights. After a few hours, it black screens and the fans spin up to 100%. Rebooting requires entering and saving in BIOS, then Windows will work but OW will black screen within seconds.

Turning off MSI mode does nothing. Even the low DPC latency remains, but the instant crashes stay too.

Switching PCIE port does reset the DPC latency, but of course the bad framerates come back.

Other things I've tried:

Spin the fans higher, keep temps lower
Wait a while, see if it runs longer again (a little, not much)
Put other things in MSI mode (small improvement, oddly enough)
More PCH voltage? WHAT DO I KNOW
Additional voltage to the GPU
Less voltage to the GPU
Summoning the Dark Lord
Changing from DisplayPort to DVI
Drinking (best so far)

Help me OC Wan Kenobi, you're my only hope!