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I have two options to buy new monitor for my new MacBook Pro 13 Late 2016 Touchbar.
One is LG 27UD68-W price $380 US (before tax)
and another one is Dell P2715Q $430 US (before tax)
I think both are really great deals.

To help you to recommend me for the choice,
I will inform you guys about my needs for this monitor.
I prefer clean and neat designed monitor and I like to watch lots of videos. I prefer less backlight bleed.. I know most ISP models have this issue but I want to have less bleed.
Moreover, I like to playing games ( Fifa, Overwatch(barely) and Starcraft 1 !!. I know Starcraft 1 is an old game, but UHD remastered version is coming in Summer so I need UHD !!!!!!!!!
Anyways.. these are my needs.
Oh.. for the design, I have seen LG monitor in Bestbuy in person, so I know how it looks cool.
However, P2715Q design looks old from Youtube's videos but not sure in real, so I want to hear from people who have seen P2715Q in real.

Please pick one of this model with your opinions!!!
Oh please don't mention about 27UD88 .. it is too expensive....

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