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Xres d5 140 pwm failing?

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firstly hello all smile.gif

My specs are as follows-

5820k @ 4.5ghz ocd and has been for over a year - EK Water Blocks EK-Supremacy EVO X99 - Nickel + Plexi
1080ti with water block nvidia FE
2x 360 EK Water Blocks EK-CoolStream XE 360 (Triple)
1x 240 EK Water Blocks EK PE
16 GB DDR 4
Mayhems Ultra Clear Watercooling Tubing (3/8 - 5/8) 16/10mm
EK Water Blocks EK-XRES 140 Revo D5 PWM (incl. pump)

the steps below are what i have done over the past few hours and days.
Could this be a pump struggling to cope with my components i have?

I have drained the loop again, changed the orientation of the front rad so the in and out are at the top.

The flow meter right now has a Y piece staright off it, coulds have done with a bit of pipe run before the Y piece but connectors wouldnt allow.

I Have an even worse flow rate, Could the pump be failing or is it at max? i run it at 100% going by both the motherboard and by the aquero 6lt info when i swap between them.

wondering whether a second pump is needed or if the pump is failing?

I have one 240 rad at the front with pipes at the top, 2 360 rads in the top pipes facing down. Gpu block on my 1080TI and a cpu block. The high flow sensor and a y piece for a drain.

The out on the pump goes up to the first rad in the roof of the pc.

I have also blown into the flow sensor and the cog spins from both sides very well.


water level is just below the black of the top part of the pump although the pic doesnt show this.

taken the front rad out of the loop and the flow is the same at 0.158 gal/min.

The water in the top of the res is moving about what i would consider rapidly.

Only option is to do a full drain of the loop again and flush each rad to see if any blockage somewhere in the other 2 rads.

I do wonder if the pump is failing some how, it seems very odd and with my limited wayer cooling knowledge a hard one to find the problem
stripped it right out, flushed all 3 rads nothing in them.

Setup a basic loop through flow meter but couldnt read the data, however water flow in the top of the res looked the same (yeah i know lol)

So i have put 1 of my 360 rads in the roof of the system, connected the flow meter and a y piece for drain and temp. Have my gpu and cpu under the loop.

Reading from the flow meter is - 0.360 gal/min or 81.200 l/h.

Do i conclude the pump is playing up from this? seems that way to me.

The flow meter seems to read correct i think because the temps on 1 rad are as good as when all 3 were in and flow rate was lower. Now i do have case sides off as well which will help i know.

If i return the pump how long will turn around be? i bought it from ocuk around august last year.

Will i have to return it to EK themselves ?

In the mean time i am thinking about my options to try a new pump, what is recommended? are the ddc pumps better as head pressure is more? 18w version?
Will it play nice with my Aquero 6LT and if ddc what res do i need for it ?

Hope someone can help, many thanks.

ps the readout i get from the pump is 100% at 4830 rpm, i have also tested on my motherboard fan connectors as well

The flow rate on the pump isnt good, i have 1 360 rad connected as i type and the cpu block and the gpu block, a y piece to put a drain on and temp. A high flow sensor and currently i get 0.310 gal/min which is pants, the pump is set to 100% and pwn says its at 4823 rpm as in the picture.
What pump do i use next and as i cantr see what else is causing the low flow rates and high cpu temps all of a sudden.
Is the mayhems green/yellow liquid a hinderance somehow?
I have an Aquero 6 LT and was wondering about the ddc 3.2 pumps but want/need pwm control if possible? whats the best option on pumps?
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ordered a new Aquacomputer D5 pump mechnics with USB- and aquabus interface
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Air in the system most likely, A bad flow meter less likely, A bad pump almost impossible. If they spin they work.

The flow rate with those components should be double to triple that.
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I did a loop with just the flow meter in it and no rads nothing else and it seems the flow was the same.

The other day i see the flow drop all of a sudden, so im hoping the new pump will sort the issue out, however if not i will keep testing.

I have 1 rad connected right now and the flow is terrible.
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My mistake. doh.gif I was assuming a fresh loop. If the loop has been running for a while and you saw a severe change then its likely a plasticiser blockage of the CPU block. Still very very unlikely to be pump related.
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I shall have a good look at that, the loop has been drained a few times in the 6 months ive had it. I flushed out the rads, but i havent the cpu block recently.

im using Mayhems X1 Coolant yellow/green uv
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ok, stripped the loop yet again and flushed out the cpu block, i couldnt see anything in it but maybe im blind, ran it through hot water for a while.

Put loop on a test into a bowl and flow wasnt amazing even with nothing attached it seemed.

Put the loop back together and something has helped at least, with 1 360 xe rad, cpu block and gpu block, high flow sensor and a y to a drain and back to the pump.

I now have 0.800 gal/min, now although much better the flow rate is slowly dropping again as it started off at just over 0.851 gal/min. will monitor it and see where it settles.

Thanks for all the help.
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You will need to open the block and clean it out manually if it has any gunk build up.

Flow should still be much higher.
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There is nothing wrong with your pump not giving enough flow. I had the same problem with the MPS400 giving a low reading.

Check this link I was able to figure it out.


Are you using EK D5 Gen 2 pwm pump? if not you have to do the Diva mod.

What type of flow meter are you using? Set to Gallons per hour and not minutes.

Try to set your loop to Pump out> 240 rad in> 240 rad out > 360 rad in > 360 rad out > Flow sensor in > Flow sensor out > GPU block in > GPU Block out >CPU in > CPU out >pump. If you have a T fitting and drain valve, install it to the lowest point on your loop.

After filling up the loop bleed air out by tilting the case forward, backward. sideways until no air into the system for the flow sensor to function properly. You may need to reset the 6LT and reconfigure thru Aquasuite and follow the link provided. Head over to OCN Aquaero thread on this website for further help.
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