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Looking for really solid and durable case with >= 3x5,25

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Recently I thought about upgrading my case :-) and I would like to get some recommendations from you guys.

Currently I am using Nanoxia Deep Silence 2, but to be perfectly honest I am not 100% satisfied with it, my main concern is build quality, side panels are quite thin and fragile, there is also some rattling coming from the case when I have few HDDs inside. Before Nanoxia I usually used Chieftec Dragon cases for my builds, those were much more durable and felt much better than Nanoxia DS2 (but still some HDDs resonated quite badly). I still have few Dragons stashed at parents place, but their design is not up to today's standards IMO (lack of 120/140mm fans support, the interior is not painted black, not enough room for cable management, etc). Other than build quality similar to (at least) old Chieftec Dragon I have few other requirements - at least 3x5,25 (big fan of hot-swap HDD trays and because I am old I still rip my CDs to FLAC, as I do not use Spotify, so ODD is required). I would also prefer the new case to be more in the mid tower territory than full tower one. Case needs to be quite simple, no RGBs, no Windows, just boring black box. I am still on air and I do not think I will ever go back to water cooling, so there is no need for any place for radiators. Price is not really an issue, but I would prefer to keep it under 250-300 EUR. To be honest I am not sure if there is a case which meets all the requirements, but I am not under pressure to change my current case, as I mentioned this is more of an upgrade than necessity.

Some models I considered:
FT02 - probably closest to what I want, but slightly too big and the fact that the door open on the other side than usually (inverted layout) is almost a deal breaker for me, also it is 7 year old design, I think newer cases have some improvements;
Enthoo Pro - some reviews mention that side panels are quite thin, also as mentioned I prefer cases without windows;
Antec P280 - I do not like the top exhaust, also I am not sure about build quality;
Define R5 - I have concerns about build quality, not enough 5,25 bays;

TL:DR version: looking for case:
  • exceptional build quality (see old Chieftec Dragon cases);
  • at least 3x5.52;
  • ATX, but small case;
  • simple look, no RGBs, windows;
  • for air cooling;

Any recommendations/tips are welcome.
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How about the be quiet Silent Base 600?
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Thanks for suggestion. I do not like the aesthetics of Silent Base 600 (who thought that putting that square on the side panel is good idea?) plus I have some concerns about durability of it, it is over 56 l and weights under 8 kg, this makes me think there is not a lot of steel used to build it. Pure Base 600 looks better in my opinion, but the my concerns about size vs weight are still valid and it has only 2x5,25.
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-Cooltek Antiphon
-Corsair Obsidian 550D
-Lian Li PC-7HX

I can't tell you that much about those cases as I have not owned any of them, but especially Cooltek and Lian Li normally build very high-quality cases. I can't really comment on Corsair tho as I have never bought any case from them.

Aside from that, those were the only three cases I found fitting your needs without looking incredibly ugly (atleast for me). That said, none of the cases fitting your needs that I found would I actually call "beautiful" biggrin.gif
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Thanks for more suggestions. Cooltek Antiphon looks okay, but I am a bit concerned about its build quality due to low price and low weight (yeah I am probably concerned a bit too much about weight), I will do some reading about it. Unfortunately 550D (I actually considered this case, when buying Deep Silence 2) and Lian Li PC-7HX seem to be unavailable in Poland at the moment. Generally when it comes to Lian Li I read a lot of mixed opinions about those cases, some people claim that side panels are not really stiff, which would be a problem for me and that generally cases do not feel very durable. Others say the build quality is superb, but I kinda skipped all Lian Lis all together because of that mixed opinions. it's been a while since I had to see Lian-Li in person (probably around 10 years and those days the PC shops do not stock a lot of high end cases, at least in my area). Lian Li actually have some other cases I was interested in, namely:
  • PC -B16
  • PC- A61B
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You should not only be looking for the weight.
Lian Li cases are pretty much always fully build out of aluminium (atleast the outer shell) which is of course a lot lighter than regular steel, whitout being less durable.
The Cooltek also has atleast an aluminium front which of course drops the weight without comprimising durability.
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Yes, I am aware that Lian Li are usually lighter than other cases, cause of aluminum. Anyway over the past few days I did some reading/reaserch and I shortlisted 2 potential options:
  • Phanteks Enthoo Pro (it turns out there is a windowless version available)
  • beQuiet! Silent Base 600 (this design is growing on me)
Size comparision:
  • Silent Base 600 - 56 l, 7.84 kg
  • Enthoo Pro - 69 l, 11.4 kg
  • Deep Silence 2 (current case) - 57 l, 10.96 kg
What I got from the reviews I watched/read - Enthoo Pro is more functional and has more user-friendly design, it is also bigger (it's a con for me). Silent Base 600 should be quieter and smaller, but not that nice to work with. beQuiet! case also has what seems to be a great HDD mounting (rubber rails, I think this can really stop the vibrations), but on the other hand - the square fan mount behind motherboard tray looks like a big annoyance, when doing any cable management behind mobo tray.

Despite watching few hours of reviews on youtube and reading a lot I still have no idea how solid those cases are. Seems like all the reviews I watched are focusing pretty hard on reading manual, instead of showing how side panel behaves when you apply small force to it. This is a major problem for me, cause I do not see a point in changing case if I am going to end up with case with build quality identical to Deep Silence 2, so still looking for some feedback or some suggestions.
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