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RIP 800D Loop circa Feb 2011 :(

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Well, not really a true "RIP" but I think the day has finally come for me to move on. I plan to retire my first ever custom loop due to a dying/dead GTX570. It still boots and plays YouTube but instantly artifacts/freezes under load now and throws a video tdr failure error. I think it won't last much longer.

This build has served me well running 24/7 for the past 6+ years, much longer than I expected. I've never had to replace any parts, and I would have guessed the pump would die first but I'm still on the original pump! I know the i7 2600K is still a solid CPU and might not bottleneck a 1080, but I think I'll use this situation as an excuse to splurge on a new build -- I really like the Carbide Air cases.

My question is -- what do you guys think I should list this for as-is on craigslist, w/ the dead GPU? Technically it should run great w/ a new GPU but might be a big inconvenience for someone to modify to loop. Is $300 about right? I don't think it's worth the hassle to part it out since most of these components are very old now. Maybe I'll just keep it as a memento. The specs are in my signature.
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You surely know that there is appraisal / marketplace section on this forum, specially for this kind of things. And you have more than enough rep to use it.
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