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Hi OCN community!

I was thinking that memtest hci was better than memtest86+ and I didn't need to run memtest86+

At first I ran memtest86+ but there is always a very long pause at 100% for pass 2. In short, pass 1 appears to have no problems, but pass 2 pauses (maybe for a couple hours) at 100%. I was taking a nap and i woke up a couple times realizing it was still one 100% on pass 2. Anyways I have no idea how long it takes for pass 2 at 100% to finally move on to pass 3. Pass 3 paused at around 50% ish. I thought well.... 2 passes is good right no need to run it longer? but most likely there is something wrong indicated by the pauses. Either the mobo or RAM.

I decided to forget about what i experienced on that memtest86+ test, and just run memtest hci. I have kind of a proper setup. i first had 7 of those programs running with the last one being set at 1000MB. The others can only be at 2000MB max for some reason (maybe its a free version or old programming limitation). But anyways I got to 1000%, but at around 500% i added a 8th program that was running 300MB to fill up all the ram and cpu usage.

So now i achieved past 1000%. I really need help. Should I do the memtest86+ again? I get very rare-random bsod, and a little stuttering during loading in-games. I'm starting to suspect my graphics card is at fault. Sometimes my graphics card would reset itself while i'm just using the pc casually; this also happens to be a rare event. As you can imagine, when the graphics card resets itself you get Aero disabled (no transparent taskbar) and your monitors flicker once from the reset.

The latest bsod happened when i was afk and analysis shows it was indicated by the graphics card driver. Reinstalling AMD gfx driver should be easy right? IIRC their software allows you to perform a clean installation in one process, correct? No need to uninstall manually or have a software do a clean uninstall of the graphics drivers for u, correct?

In conclusion, I want to do a memtest86+ test again, and do a clean reinstall of AMD gfx drivers after I reseat the card itself. Then if I suspect nothing, I guess I will have to RMA the board. I don't think the PSU would be faulty, and I don't know how I could test that, honestly. My PSU is the corsair hx650, if it matters. I already ordered 2133 G.Skill ram that is on the compatibility list for g.skill and gigabyte mobo qv list. I will install that later today, just so i can eliminate the possible RAM issue. I will also install them on the other 2 slots for dual channel.

edit: BTW i was recording with a couple graphics with gigabytes software. The testing i did with memtest hci was about 10 hours. Feel free to have a look below. 1st graph should be normal right? But i've never seen a constant supply of increased voltage on the 12v rail. 2nd was the only weird one, it was 12 seconds long. I'm assuming it is just a software glitch though. I should be ok despite the 2nd graph, right?

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