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Hey guys I am just about to upgrade from my old q9650 (been surprisingly well performing at 4.2GHz OC, 1.412 vcore in BIOS, 1.392 in OS, LLC enabled) to a 2600k. Yes I know the new hw requirements. The question I have before taking off on my next OC adventure is this, has anyone actually killed a chip in the last ~7 yrs without using outrageous voltages (1.6+) or terrible cooling? I have done a bit of reading on OC's for the 2600k and now im itching to hit that 5.0GHz mark and don't mind pushing the envelope a bit to get there. I ask because I bought that q9650 used, OC'd it fairly high (right? or was that a wimpy OC?) and noticed no issues with the chip and I found that a bit surprising for an almost 10 year old CPU that was being pushed, as that was my 24/7 numbers. Interested to see what you guys have to say.