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Hey there,
I got a used 6600k + mobo + ram combo with an obvious cooling fluid damage and constant BSODs and freezes.
After hours of hideous testing (and buying a new mobo for testing), I realised the problem wasn't the motherboard but the CPU which seems to have a Vcore problem.
After a while, I realised the CPU runs stable with all but one core deactivated or once I hit a multiplier of 43.
So the conclusion is if I manually offset the Vcore the CPU runs smooth and stable.

So questions are, how can this happen?
Can it just be a bad batch (I suppose not), or does is it probably have a damage from previous overclocking mistakes / running too hot 'cause of a cooling failure like a broken water cooler.
To run the i5 @ stock 3.9Ghz I have to apply an offset voltage of at least 0.025V. To me, that doesn't seem much even though it bothers me, that I have to do it at all.

And, will it probably get worse?
Or can I expect to enjoy this little piece of hardware for quite some time?

Not sure if I should keep it or return it as fast as I can.
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