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Hello users!

I'm gonna move to a different appartement where it's possible to drill holes in the wall and use different mounts to secure my 3 monitors into place. But I wondering a few things and was hoping to get the answers here!

My setup ;
- 3x Asus ROG Swift PG278Q
* 27'' / Vesa 100 mount / 5KG for each monitor.

I was looking to get :
2x Cotytech SM-1A2 (
1x Cotytech SM-1P1 (
Possible needed Slatwal

Picture i've found from a setup like this :

Alternative setup :
1x newstar fpma wtb100 (
2x newstar fpma-dtbw940 ( )
1x newstar fpma-dtbw910 ( )

Setup 2 is for sure the more expensive (total 800+) one but might look hella sick with alot of options/rotations.

But have any of you got any experience with the brands or the product itself? I can't find any reviews on these items and can't find any people that actually own these products or could me something about it/the use of it.

What do you guys think? What would be the best setup? And do you have any experience with any of the brands? biggrin.gif