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I've had an InWin 901 case for a while now waiting for something interesting to do with it. The stupid idea I've come up with is to try to overclock (gently!) a Ryzen 1700X in it.

Given that the case rather sacrifices airflow for looks, and is mini-ITX to boot, this is a bit tricky, and I've not built in SFF before. I also know that the proposed motherboard doesn't exist yet - but Biostar have assured us they'll be available from May:

This is where I'm up to so far:

Any advice gratefully received, even "don't be an idiot". My usage is a bit of gaming, some relatively heavy data-driven work - but it's as much an experiment as a use case!

Particular things I'm not sure about:
(1) CPU cooler choice. I've looked at AIO watercooling with e.g. the Corsair H60, but am leaning back towards an air-cooler like the Alpenfohn Atlas (listed) - does anyone have views on other options, like the Noctua NH D9L or the be quiet! Pure Rock Slim?

(2) Fans. The case means that the CPU blower would be directing hot air towards a 92mm fan exhausting air out the back; there's also the option of fitting a further 120mm fan outside the MB compartment (weirdness of the case). Does anyone know if there would be problems doing that - do you get turbulence, or anything?

(3) Fan choice. Can anyone recommend quiet / effective 120 and 92mm fans?

(4) RAM choice. Any tips, particularly given the issues with Ryzen?