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Trying to get my CPU and 2 1080s underwater in a little Caselabs BH7.
Currently have just the 1800x in the loop with a 40mm 240. At 1.4v im getting max stress test temps of 78, gaming is 50-65. Id like to keep fans at 1500-1600rpm.

Im figuring 2 of these 40mm 240s could do it but not sure if itll fit in the BH7, and not enough is known yet to figure out if i want go upgrade to BH8. I can however fit a 240(120x2), a 120(1), and a 2x80mm (not ek unfortunately). Does anybody have any input on this? Not sure if this would be enough to work with my noise levels, im thinking its close and might work if i went back to stock clocks on CPU, may be better off waiting till BH8 to see what I can get away with or sticking with just the CPU loop for now.
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