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i5 6600k OC Load Temps

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So I was just curious on whether my temps were acceptable for my setup (sig rig) on the i5 6600k. I currently have it OC'd to 4.8GHz at 1.4 vcore (little high maybe?). When maxing it out (IE basically 100%) under normal gaming/streaming the the CPU temp sits around 76-85C, when running Prime95 Small FFTs it sits stable at about 95C (!!). Basically just wanting to know if I may need to tune the vcore more (I've had it set like this for a couple of months) or do a reseat on the Kraken (which is newish) with my own TIM.
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Since nobody answered you yet, if I may I'll tell you what I'd do. And that is one of three things. I'd re-think the current cooling options depending on the number of fans I have and depending what is the case in question. Whether is has good or bad airflow. Or I'd try to re-seat the Kraken to see if it helps. Or last, and maybe the best, I would low the vcore a bit to get lower temps and go from there. Let's say like, 1.35vcore and work from there. Tweaking other options like BCLK to get the maximum juice without high temps. Anything beyond 80 degrees would leave me uncomfortable.

Sorry if what I'm saying isn't the most correct thing, but I'm learning, not an OC expert smile.gif
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You may be near the thermal wall of cpu die/heat spreader transfer without delidding. It really doesn't matter much how good the cooling is beyond what can actually transfer to it. If you know that you aren't saturating the coolers thermal effectiveness, then its 90% thermal restriction of the die to heat spreader.

I was getting similar temps on my 7700k before I delidded, I have 2x200mm radiator custom loop on just the cpu, water to ambient delta was under 2c while my cpu was hitting 95c. After delidding, cpu load temp dropped to 67c with the same load, with water to ambient delta rising to 4c.

You really have two options. Lower the overclock/voltage, or delid the cpu and replace the thermal paste with liquid metal TIM.
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