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i'd say go for a puretrak talent if you want a silky smooth surface. slow but the least sticky feeling of any softpad (minus artisan raiden, it is a different story) i have used.
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I use a Puretrak Stealth (smaller size Talent) and have never gone back to anything else and I've tried a lot of mousepads in my day. Highly recommended.
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Originally Posted by the1freeMan View Post

Could you compare it to other pads in terms of static an kinetic friction?
Example vs Qck, GTFX, Hien...

not quite G-TFX/Hien level, probably more like a brand new QcK, in my experience with it.

kinetic friction... I felt it was about as fast as the QcK as well, but feels very different stopping on it.
a bit easier to stop on QcK I think.
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