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2x 960's (4gb) or 1x 1060 (3 or 6gb not sure)?

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So im upgrading my build and im deciding i should get a new gpu since a 960 is apparently outdated and is probly (or i guess i should say will probably. Because i only play csgo atm so it dosnt really matter..) bottleneck(ing) my cpu.

ive always heard that 1x high end card is usually better than 2x low-mid teird carda in sli.

Fair enough.

My delima is this:
Im now ~$600 in debt after getting a new mobo, cpu, and ram. im trying to get it paid off in 6 months, so roughly $100 a month. Which isnt bad. I also pay for my internet bill. Which is about $60 a month. Still not bad. I dont work ALOT or anything, barely part time in fact, and can still fairly easily pay this off. But idk if i should just go all in, get a nice new gpu and have a nice system to smile about.

Like i said above, atm, i really only play csgo, but later down the road ill be for sure playong destiny 2 (probly streaming it aswell) and i want that game to look and feel nice while playing despite the fact that i dont care about graphics settings in csgo. I may also start playing for honor or overwatch but idk..

Any way. What do you guys think?

Should i just bite the bullet, increase my work hours and get a new gpu? Or just stick with what i have since i dont really NEED need it, and don't stress myself too much over paying my current debt off?

Also, if you think i should be fine to upgrade, should i get the 3gb or 6gb? On gpu.userbenchmark.com (great site btw) the 3gb is ranked 25, and 6gb is ranked 19. While mine is ranked at 46 lul ;w;

Edit: or, maybe someone hasa better suggestion than a 1060? Like, i just noticed that RX580 is about the same price and seems to perform better than the 1060, however, im not much of a fan of amd cards, but with that said, i dont really know since i havnt used one.
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Would honestly just love to have a nice system with a nice gpu now that i have a nice mobo + nice cpu..
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What kind of monitor do you have?
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Its in my sig :3

I dont really care about gaming at anything higher than 1080p.

I'd rather 1080p + 144hz than 1440p/4K @ 60hz
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From what i can see on youtube and what not.. the GTX 1060 performs better in most games than the RX 580, and on top of that, the 1060 has better.. frametimes? erm.. Idk how much of a difference that makes..
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