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Not pictured : PSU, RAM, wireless card and extra case fan. You can find a full parts list here:

I originally chose the Cooler Master HAF EVO because it has carrying handles built in on the side. I was pleasantly surprised to find that this case has many benefits which include tons of cable management options, plenty of room to work in, toolless HDD/SDD bays and a unique design which lays the motherboard horizontally. Building in this case was a pleasure. I removed the Cooler Master badge from the front of the case for a more discreet look.

The Noctuas unfortunately disrupt any color scheme I may have had going but they are silent and cool the H100i radiator much better than the stock fans. In normal operation you can't see anything inside anyway so in the end it doesn't matter.

This case offers tons of cable management options along with a "basement" to store clutter while keeping your main area nice and open.

So while this new build is obviously not as compact as the last one I still get the mobility I was looking for with the handles so I can fairly easily transport this to friends houses or between rooms depending on the kind of gaming I want to do (couch/VR/desk). Not to mention I get to harness the power of a full ATX form factor allowing me to have the latest/greatest parts along with overclocking and liquid cooling.

This build absolute crushes everything I've thrown at it (and I haven't even begun to OC yet) except for Wildlands at 4K ultra and flight sims in VR at 2.0 supersampling. Other than those examples this beast can seemingly handle anything I throw at it with grace. I am definitely glad things worked out the way they did because with that last build I was simply just holding myself back.