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Hi all!

I have an old rig that I use for gaming:
Asus P8Z68-v pro
2600k @4.0
Zotac 780 amp (that I want to upgrade)
Monitor #1 Qnix 2k @2550x1440 DVI-D
Monitor #2 Acer @1680x1050 DVI-D (this one is old I know but I just use it for desktop, not gaming)
Both monitors are plugged to the 780 DVI inputs right now.

I'm planning on getting a Zotac 1080 amp extreme.


1. Since the Zotac 1080 only have 1 DVI input, could I run into performance issues/problems if I plug the Acer monitor to the Asus iGPU and the Qnix to the discrete (Zotac 1080)?

2. Do you think my PCIe 2.0 would impact or be noticeable for the 1080 running at 2550x1440?

Thanks in advance!