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Adding USB 3.0 connectivity.

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My case doesn't have front I/O connectivity. I want to add USB connectors, I see 2 options. USB 3.0 brackets, in the form of PCI-E cards or regular brackets that connect all the way to the USB 3.0 headers on the motherboards through the common USB 3.0 cable.

If I use PCI-E cards, would I be wasting the USB connectivity provided through the USB 3.0 controllers on the motherboard?

Mobo is Gigabyte Aorus Z270x Gaming 7.

I am using 1080Ti SLI at the moment, 1 m.2 Gen3 x4 SSD, 1 sound card, 2 hard drives.

Every USB connector on the back I/O is used.

EDIT. I'm looking for the "better looking" option around. I would love two get rid of two USB 3.0 header cables but I would not sleep ok knowing I'm overcrowding CPU lanes and leaving other paths totally unused. I avoid USB hubs to minimize desk clutter.
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You could always get something like this to save the pci-e slot .

Front panel
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Thanks! So just to be sure, motherboard's USB 3.0 header works independently from PCI-E CPU lanes?

The case doesn't have floppy slots (hexgear r80) so I'll get the bracket/cable and some low profile, sleeved USB 3.0 extension cables. I've been looking for 90 degree USB 3.0 header adapter or cable but they are hard to find. Only ones I've seen are those that are supposed to be a direct replacement for the motherboard connector. (unsolder/solder work).
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