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thank you everyone for your ideas and suggestions. will continue to read some reviews. if new GPU is not in the budget this year (kids are expensive!) maybe a quality 1440p monitor WOULD be the way to go (was not thinking of screen tearing, just lower fps)

those dell and asus 4k monitors do look quite impressive. though, I am hesitant when I see the 9ms response time on the one.

I'll keep an eye out for the Nixeus one, maybe wait for some reviews...4ms response time is nice!

will post with which one I get when it happens, lots to think about!

edit: I also looked up IPS vs TN, IPS seems to be the way to go...a 1440p fast IPS panel sounds like it may be my best option. I added the LG 27UD58 to my list to really look at for the 4k option and will keep looking at 1440 IPS monitors. TY
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I have the LG 27UD68 monitor and love it. It is the first monitor I ever had that looked great out of the box at the default settings. I then adjusted some of the settings and cannot believe how good it looks. I am so happy with this monitor. I think you also need to look at what is important to you. I tried the Acer 4K TN monitor first but to me image quality is the most important thing and even though the Acer TN panel is good it is no where as good as the IPS panel.

I will say 4K is great but you do need a good GPU. I have a GTX 1080 and push between 40 - 50 fps in most newer games (release within the past 2 years). The FPS do not bother me at all as I do not feel it starting to be unplayable until it gets closer to 30 FPS. Everyone is different on this and maybe if I had used a higher refresh rate monitor in the past I would feel different but I have never had a monitor with a refresh rate over 60hrz.

When I got my monitor my plan at first was to get a 1440p but I really liked how 4K looked in games so decided to give it a try. I am very happy with my decision.
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