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Hi guys, im currently upgrading my monitor from my 27" Samsung (Sync Master SA550H) 1080p monitor. Mainly using for gaming purpose such as World of warcraft mainly, mmorpg and maybe abit of CS GO. I dun really need high hz ,60hz or maybe abit more 75hz will be good enough as i dun think i will be able to tell the different. Just wanted a nice graphic with stable FPS for me to game on. Had some choices in mind but cant decide on which to go for hope i can get some help and suggestion from you guys.

The choices are :

1) LG 29um69G-B // 2560 x 1080p ultrawide with 1ms and freesync (Brand new from shop) $480

2)Viewsonic VX3209-2k // 2560 x 1440p 8ms (Brand new from shop) $500

3)Acer XB280hk // 4k with Gsync (Used but got no more warranty) $450

4)Asus PB287Q // 4k with 1ms (Used with warranty ) $450

The above prices are in my country currency SGD, trying to get monitor below $500 SGD. Actually also had another monitor which is Qnix UHD3216R which i can get it off from online but the only thing is that i saw the thread regarding that monitor which alot user faces flickering issues and things which kind of turn me off from getting.

So guys need suggestion on which will be worth to get, u guys can recommend me other monitor which u guys think is good as well. Thanks for all your time. Cheers