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water cooling question

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I am building my first custom loop using my rampage 10 edition. If I wanted to use two independent loops with two reservoirs and two pumps, where would the second pump connect to the motherboard? Is the water pump header capable of handling both with a 2 into 1 cable? If not, how would you do it?
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AiO or custom loops ?
For safety reason I would NEVER hook custom-loop's pump to a header, even if labelled "for pump"
(AiO's pump are ok)
PSU is here for all your needs rolleyes.gif
tacho and pwm signal can be connected to any fan heder (4pin)
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Thank you for responding. This will be two custom loops. Can you explain why the pump header should be avoided? Power will not be an issue using two Molex from EVGA 1000 watt power supply. The 4 pin connector from the pump has only 2 wires. Are these the PWM signal and tach your speaking of? Do each of these go to a separate 4 pin fan connect?
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if you have something like this you are safe:
the molex is for power and go to the PSU
the 4pin is for tacho&pwm and goes to a motherboard (or rheobus) header, pump's or fan's one, no differences

while if you pull power from the mobo header : you are asking for problems
AiO do it, but they drain little power so it's ok (for a pump-type header); but for peace-of-mind I would still connect them directly to the PSU
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The picture of the two cable ends is exactly what I have. I appreciate the help, thanks!
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