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i7-6700k delid question

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i delidded my i7-6700k with the cool lab ultra and stupidly didnt check my temps before but do you actually need a big air cooler to notice a difference because im using a cyorig c7 sff cooler and didnt notice a huge drop

sorry if this the wrong thread for this
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You'll definitely need a larger cooler than c7 to notice any significant difference. You see, it's mostly the heat dissipation component with the highest thermal resistance which determines the core temperatures and that resistance between bare die and the lid happens to be much lower than of between the cooler base and the environment in your case. So the only way to see temperature drops on a delid Skylake (much easier to do so in Kabylake) is to reduce the thermal resistance on the other side of the CPU lid down to similar order of magnitudes by using a larger cooler or, ideally, by setting up a custom water cooling loop.
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