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I've been running my 3570K highly overclocked for over 4 years now. thumb.gif

The first 2 years I was still on aircooling but it happely ran @4.5GHz (around 80° loaded).
Now I'm fully watercooled and its running 4.7GHz at a max temp of around 65°.
CPU has also been delidded and there's liquid PRO between the cpu and heatspreader.


3570k @ 4.7GHz (1.365v)
Asus Maximus V formula
Gskill 4x4GB @ 2133MHz (1.635v)
2x GTX980 (SLI)

Tbh I would delid it and squeeze every last drop of performance out of it ! tongue.gif
Using it for gaming mostly and the cpu can still keep up with 2x GTX980's in SLI.

I'm still happy with the performance and will probably use this setup for another couple of years before upgrading.

I'm tempted to delid might be worth it, if I can get 4.7ish stable (temps will be high for now whilst testing) then I may delid to drop the temps. It does seem like it can drop temps significantly from what you've said and what I've read online.
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You should avoid them, it's a sign that the CPU is a little unstable which will lead to further problems eventually

Thanks, I'll avoid them as much as possible. I seem to get none at 4.5GHz but going to try my luck with 4.6 4.7 again.