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Windows Sensitivity And its Effect In Game

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Hi guys, I was messing around with win7 mouse sensitivity slider and noticed that by increasing the value, ie going above 6/11 my mouse started behaving closer to how I expect and want the mouse to react/move. At first I tried 7/11 and liked it, then 8/11 (better) than 9/11 even better, so I put it at 11/11 and now it feels great in game. The feeling it gives me is similar to positive acceleration but somehow more controlled. Btw I'm using rawinput 1 as well.
I play with the Logitech G Pro right now and what I never liked was a feeling of "unresponsiveness". As if the sensor wasn't capable to keep up with my movements. Now it actually feels almost perfect and is much easier for me to make flick shots for example.
I don't know how to explain it exactly, but I often make short circular movements with the mouse as if I'm drawing a circle in the air, and before raising the win7 sensitivity the motion of the mouse was somehow more "horizontal" oriented, if that makes any sense to you. Now the movement is more "circular" which I like a lot and always wondered how to achieve that.

Basically what I'd like to know is how "healthy" is such workaround and if you know any other way to obtain that "circular" movement I'm looking for. The first downside is that in Windows, I notice, the mouse feels somehow jittery as if it's skipping...but in game feels really great, at least for me and my playing style.
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If you use Raw input, the game will ignore your windows settings.
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ye dud
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