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I have purchased Playstation 4 Pro recently and now done a backup of playstation 4
using external hardisk formated to exfat.

I then turned on playstation 4 pro loging into same acount as my old playstation 4 old
conected external hardisk and restoring 800gb took 4 hours

Then i see all my PSN purchased games and themes
but they are LOCKED and i cannot use either themes or games.

i went to
PSN Account: Select [PSN] > [Activate as Your Primary PS4] > [Activate].
Select [PSN] > [Restore Licenses].

It ask me to login to PSN network i put in same Email acount as i have on playstation 4
which is the acount i use, it tell me it cannot login that acount belong to another user
and set playstation ps4 pro as primary is disabled

What do i do know
I hope i can get help so i can solve it


1. created a new user and logged with it on playstation 4 pro
2. then Logged out of the user i created
3. Logged in again with the user i had before the one i used on playstation 4
4. went to PSN Account: Select [PSN] > [Activate as Your Primary PS4] > [Activate].
Select [PSN] > [Restore Licenses].
5. then it asked me to login again so i logged in with same user as on old playstation 4
then i was able to set Playstation 4 pro as primary ps4

Now all Games and themes got unlocked.

I have no idea what happened but it seem that Playstation 4 pro
has to be activated as primary ps4 for games and themes that i moved from ps4 old with external hardisk
to work, (i not streaming the game from hardisk, is backup and restore)


Sometimes i want to play on old Playstation 4 to play it still work fine
How can i do it ?

Do i deactivate playstation 4 pro as primary , then activate playstation 4 old as primary
or is this not nesesary

I want to play on both consoles, but not at the same time
is only me playing. using same acount.
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