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Hello! I'm wondering which of these monitors I should buy for my new computer. Both of these cost $400AUD. I have a GTX 1060 (already have comp so can't change to Radeon 480) so I won't be able to make use of the FreeSync technology and getting a G-sync monitor will cost me $125 extra so, being on a budget, I don't think this would be worth it as if i'm not sitting above 144fps I intend to just lower some settings or cap at 60 fps. This doesn't seem like it will be a problem anyway as most harder to run games seem to reach 100+ fps on maxed out settings, all i'd need to do is tweak a couple settings and would be all good.

Info on other monitors I've seen that seem to be better: LG 24GM77-B - Can't seem to find anywhere in Australia that sells this. Samsung G70 (VA panel) - Costs $125 extra so not really fitting budget. I have played games for a fair few years and always used TN panels and haven't had any major issues. Obviously a VA panel would be better but i'd like to have a cheaper alternative if I decide to save the money.

As long as either monitor doesn't suffer from any input lag (I don't know if true or just misread but the ViewSonic might of had something like this) then I'm happy to go with either. I have read that the BenQ monitor would require some tweaking in the settings but I would be fine with that. Additional features is also a plus! I "THINK" that after reading other posts the ViewSonic XG2401 is supposed to be the better choice but hopefully i'll confirm that here. Thanks for reading!