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Recently purchased a pair of these. I am about to put mine under water but for the moment they are air-cooled.

So, I've read all the 1080TI reviews and noted that according to the reviewers they find that air-cooling on the 1080 Ti FE is inefficient. Well that has not been the case with my cards and I wonder what other 1080 Ti FE owners have to say about it. I went into evga precisionx OC and created a custom fan profile. The fan speed goes up to 4800rpm and although it is not quiet at those speeds I've never had either of my cards hit 60c even while benchmarking firestrike ultra. The cards will not throttle at those temperatures.

Added bonus for the FE cards is that their airflow pushes the hot air outside of the case. This is an especially important consideration for those planning to run 2 1080ti's in SLI. With aftermarket cooling in SLI mode the bottom card pushes hot air directly into the intake of the top card and causes the top card to run about 10c hotter when under load.

For those evaluating 1080ti's for purchase with the intent of only air-cooling I would not discount the FE cards. They cool just fine so long as you are ok with modifying the fan profile.
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