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Need a little help on how to achieve the perfect airflow in my case with Am4 and the Dark Rock Pro 3.

I recently had an x99 system and the vertical mount allowed for perfect intake and exhaust from the cooler and kept my system cool. However, the AM4 mount for the Dark Rock Pro 3 only allows for a horizontal mount and here in lies my problem.

It's no secret that the H440 has cooling issues; to allievate the problem I had six intake, three in front, three on top, and one exhaust. Now with the AM4 mount forcing it to be horizontal, I'll need to change the fan setup to achieve adequate airflow/cooling. What do you guys suggest doing? I know its likely that at least one of the fans will need to be changed from intake to exhaust on top but what about the other two?

I'm just a bit afraid with the horizontal mount that my case temps/cpu temps are going to be a little higher than what I desire.