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Short Version: The symptoms described by other forum posts featuring people complaining about black blocks and pixelation during YouTube video playback, audio distortion (pops, crackling, etc.) may be being caused by simple signal degradation. If your PC is right next a noisy EMI source and/or you're using a cheap, un/poorly shielded PCIe extension cable (such as the grey ones, or stock ones Thermaltake ships with the Core 'P' series cases) and are troubleshooting the emergence of crackling, popping, or stuttering audio and/or video, try installing your card directly into the PCIe slot/moving your PC/not resting an EMI source on said cable. It might not be nVidia's drivers: it could be operator error. 'wink.gif

Longer (Embarrassing) Version: In the hopes that this might get picked up by Google's algorithm or someone searching this forum might stumble upon it, here's a reminder to CHECK YOUR SETUP. After a full day's worth of combing forums and trying every possible suggestion I came across to combat the sudden emergence of high DPC latency (in the form of intermittent video stuttering and crackling, distorted audio over HDMI, problems with hardware accelerated video, etc.) as revealed by LatencyMon including driver updates and rollbacks, disabling CPU, browser, game and Windows features, disk imaging, a complete reinstall and a growing paranoia that I'd MAAAAAYBE pushed My 1080 Ti's OC juuuuust a liiiiiitle too high, I was staring through my case window when it dawned on me that these intermittent problems seemed to show up shortly after I nestled a loose case fan (fooling around with airflow and resulting temps) right next to the PCIe extension cable. On it, in fact.

It turns out that putting a PWM driven fan motor in virtual direct contact with a poorly shielded cable carrying a high frequency digital signal can cause some induction and/or RF interference problems. Who knew!? I did. I knew. I've been doing this for 20-years. The face-palming was fierce.

In fairness, the Thermaltake cable I was using at the time had been performing perfectly fine beforehand and all of my symptoms were identical to things I'd seen smeared across a dozen forums related to (old) driver issues, burned hardware and so on, but NO ONE mentioned EMI. Now, I can't help but wonder how many of those threads that trailed off without resolution might have been caused by something as simple as a fan power cable draped over a PCIe extension, or some other active source.

In the interests of overkill , I'm now using a properly shielded and grounded cable. If you don't want to spend $100+ on the 3M one, I can heartily recommend this company's cables: [HINT: You want the D-Type at no less than 250mm and may have to drill a new standoff screw hole in your case's bracket, depending on the case and how much you care -- takes 5-minutes] Incidentally, I can set the case fan on this one with no problem. thumb.gif

Anyway, I hope this helps someone out and makes the rest of you laugh.