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I am networking an office that uses a shared ISP/modem for the building. There is an existing network for the building. I'd like to setup a second router for the office to create physical separation of the two networks. The modem is a combination modem router and hosts the building network. My office router is wired and uses a dd-wrt router. We connect to the office router via wireless and wired.

Right now, the office router is configured as a cascading router with a distinct subnet mask and IP address range. The modem has internet and is working just fine. The office router is working just fine for internal communications however there is no internet. I generally get errors stating that the internet is disconnected, but occasionally I get DNS errors. Both are handling DHCP but have distinct ranges.

I have the local DNS for the office router directing to the modem.

Nothing I've fiddled with gets these two networks to cooperate. Any advice?

Update: It's working. The problem was that the office router needed to be using NAT and have the local DNS set for itself. I switched it over to gateway, changed then DNS to the local office router address and suddenly everything is working fine.
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