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A problem ordering in europe...

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Hi. I was about to buy the magnum STH10 from bestcases.eu...
But have gotten several warnings about not buying from them since the customer service etc is not good.

A friend of mine got his MAGNUM SMA8 BLACK from there and the case was not new since it had scratches in the paint in places it is not possible to scratch it because of the packing + there was some leftover 3M double adhesive tape from where the SSD`s had seem to be mounted.

Did some reading also then on several forums... and the feedback is not good.
And there is no way I am shelling out more than a grand in euros only to be treated like a... yea well... *beeeeeep* rolleyes.gif

Question is then to caselabs staff here. Where can I order from without drowning in shippment fees... ( Norway, Europe )

( pardon my english if there is some grammar fault ) thumb.gif
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Well bestcases.eu are the official distributor at the moment so if you have decided not to use them, your two options are to look for a secondhand CaseLabs case or to order direct from CaseLabs in the US.

CaseLabs will of course show you the estimated shipping charge when you out an order together. You can then take the cost of the case and that shipping into www.dutycalculator.com and fill those figures in. That site will tell you the Import Tax on the case itself and the VAT which will be on the case plus shipping (shipping is a service so is taxable). You may then have to allow for a "Duty Notification Charge" from your local Postal Service. It won't be much but it covers holding the case, telling you the Duty, collecting the payment then releasing and redelivering the case to you.

I know it is a bundle but it is the easiest way to get the *exact* CL case you want.
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Been looking at the option to buy direct from caselabs in the US... But if you take the shipping cost + the insane amount of money the post office here takes for bringing the case to me + storing it... for the MAGNUM STH10 + custom options to get it the way I want it cost alittle over 1000 dollars.
But at the time I can finaly lay my hands on it the total cost is 2089 dollars... I mean.. I like the case but that is just ludacris... the post office here takes almost the same amount of money for handling the case here in norway as the case costs...
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