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Hi i have some questions. I have power Edge r410 motherboard and atm i am using two power supplies.


AND Cooler Master GX 650W

I am using two because:
1.Power Edge have diffrent pinout in motherboard. And do you think there is some way to move them from normal ATX psu to work with power EDGE ?
2.Power Edge psu don't have 2x8 pin conectors to video card
3. Have only 500 w power

Motherboard screen.

Now its is working but this isn't best way to turn first PSU nad next start another one manual.

And its any way to overclock using this MOBO ? Beacuse in bios i don't have any option for this smile.gif

Now it is on my desk looking like that smile.gif There will be liquid colling and 2x x5670 ,32gb of ram