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Hello !

I have been browsing the forums about these monitors for several months and I can not see all the subtleties of these monitors to be able to choose.
I hesitate between the Benq XL2720Z and the XL2735.

So my question is :

What is the advantage of the XL2735 at the blur reduction compared to the XL2720Z with the Blur Buster Strobe Utility ?

Because if I understand correctly :

The XL2735 has a bright image even with the ulmb but the Blur Buster tool on the XL2720Z can change this too.
The XL2735 has a best image but with crosstalk while on the XL2720Z the picture would be less better but without crosstalk ?

What are the advantages and disadvantages of these monitors taking into account the fact that the XL2720Z can use the Blur Buster tool and not the XL2735 ?
In other words what is the best blur reduction between these screens ?

Thanks and sorry if my english is not really good.