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Finely getting some time now that work is slowing down a bit for the year to build a new PC. I want to make sure that all the components in the PC can be OC to reach their peek performance so I am looking at getting the Asus TUF Mark 1 mobo. From the reviews that I have been reading this is suppose to be a decent mobo for OC but wanted to check with the community and see if anyone had an opinion on the board or another one that I should check out.

The setup as it looks right now will be:

Intel i7 6700k
Nvidia 980ti Hybrid in SLI
Samsung M.2 256gb SSD
16gb of Samsung ram

Note: The above pars I already have as I purchased an Alienware back in November when I was short on time and traveling a lot. Just getting around to rectifying the error now lol