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Hello! So this is my first post here on Overclockers and I have a question. I have an old laptop which I really like and which has AMD Radeon 4250m and 6650m, it's switchable graphics. It's not easy to find working drivers for switchable graphics. I have tried alot of drivers but there are only two that have worked so far, one is driver version which comes from the laptop manufacturers website and the other one is Catalyst version 12.3, driver version 8.9.57.

I was using the older driver first but after installing the newer one I noticed a HUGE increase in FPS in games, like from stone to butter. I was lucky I even found the driver, I didnt think it would give such huge performance boost.

So I'm thinking if there are any newer drivers which would work with my graphics cards. It doesnt matter if it is drivers officially from AMD or modified version from third parties such as Guru3d etc..

I have noticed that the driver package must include both graphics card, for example, the driver supported gpus must be both 6650m and 4250m. If the driver does not support one of the gpus it wont install at all. I think it tries to install the driver to both GPUs when you install a driver (The problem of switchable graphics).

If there arent any compatible drivers out there, is there any way to turn off a GPU completely and use only one, so that I may try installing a driver for one the GPUs.

Any help is appreciated, thanks!