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Water cooling an RX 580

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I know most of you cool the highest end cards, but for me, I like my 580 and I built a 100% AMD build this time.

I am trying to figure out if there is an aftermarket cooling solution that would work with a universal water block. Even if a full-cover block comes out, I am not keen on buying something so specialized if I don't have to as I might want to upgrade to Vega.

So I was looking at the NZXT G10 or G12 cooling solutions. Would these fit on an RX 580? I have the Gigabyte Gaming version, and looking at the PCB it looks very close to a reference 480. I read on another thread that it should fit but that info was posted before the 580 actually came out.

Also, are there any other aftermarket fans that work with water cooling?

Lastly, I am also a bit confused as to what I need to cool. I know the VRAM/MOSFETs and the chip itself, but I have no idea what I am really looking at on the PCB. Pic of the 2 posted. Top is the Gigabyte Gaming RX 580 8 GB. Bottom is an RX 480 reference.

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Here are the components that you will need to cool.

If the manufacturer does not specifically state compatibility you are taking a chance on someone else's word.
Besides the GPU, you can buy small heat dissipation blocks for the other components.

I have always used full cover blocks and then sold them with the card when I have upgraded.

Good luck! thumb.gif
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