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It's been quite some time I've been pondering about buying a new gaming computer. I want it to be able to perform fast-paced competitive fps games (Overwatch, CS:GO) at solid 120 fps, as well as to perform well on AAA games (Doom on 60 fps) for at least the next 5 years to come. That's the goal, now the challenge: although budget isn't that big of an issue, I have little knowledge on computer hardware and systems, and so I wondered pretty much about all available possibilities, from the € 1200 Dell laptop, to the absurdities of € 5000, double GPU, water-cooled, 64 GB DDR4 RAM laptops. These considerations are all made out of my blatant ignorance in the subject of building computers from scratch, and I do am aware of the fact that doing so is the best choice from a price/benefit standpoint. So, after recently joining in to and opening one little thread about monitor choice with respect to pre-existing laptop (that's not inherently built for gaming but that is what I use for at the moment), I keep getting back to the conclusion that I have to suck up to my insecurity of being ignorant, and just go and search about it, and ultimately build my own gaming desktop. Having said that, I already know I need an entire desktop and a G-Sync monitor. But if I am to build this computer at all, I need all the help I can get with instructions on componets models, nominal performance values, price ranges, assembly and safety (so that I don't ruin brand new components by stupid, avoidable mistakes), cabling, OS and BIOS installation and configuration, etc. So, would you guys be so kind and help me with this? Now, it seems like climbing a mountain to me, but I'm willing to put the time and effort into it. It might even take months to get to a point where I built it completely, it depends on how much it would cost me. But I'm hopeful it would be a reasonable price, so the knowledge would be the more time-consuming task to handle.

Thank you so much, again!