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Recently i boudght ultrawide LG 34um68 monitor, and everythink was ok. Couple weeks ago i change PC location and curently im sitting about 0.7m (2.9 ft) from screen and 34" 21:9 is to big...

im thinking about selling LG and buying nwe screen.
I found AOC AGON AG241QG i AG271QX

AOC AG241QG - 24" 165/144 Hz, 2560x1440 z G-Sync
AOC AG271QX - 27" 144 Hz, 2560x1440 z Adaptive Sync

what do you think is better in this situation.
With one to choose, or mayby you have another option in about 500 $

I always have green GPU smile.gif

27" wiht G-Sync is to expensive...