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Nova X2M Build 2017

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Hey Everyone,

So I thought I share a current build I am working on at this moment in time.

Here are all my specs I am using for this build

Case - Caselabs Nova X2M
Motherboard - Asus Z270i
CPU -Intel 7700k Kaby Lake - Delided for Maxium Power tongue.gif
Memory- Gskill 32GB 3333MHZ
GPU- EVGA 980 TI Kingpin 77% ASIC Quality
Power Supply- EVGA 1000 G3
Fans- 4 x Gentle Typhoon Black Edition PWM 1850 RPM
Storage 2 x 960 Samsung EVOs 500GB Raid 0
Storage 2 x Intel 730 240GB Raid 0
Storage 6TB WD Black Edition 7200RPM
Cables- Custom Sleeved.

Also did I mention this is all going underwater biggrin.gif

I took the liberty and right now am test fitting the components but will give you a idea of what I am working with. Will update you all once I have some more to add.
If you all have a good name for it please feel free to drop me a line. I am still thinking up one.

Yeah I am feel I am never going to get back to my BH7 build it feels like my personal project keeps getting away but will resume it hopefully soon biggrin.gif

But in the mean time can share this build since this is currently what is on my workbench.

Hope you all enjoy and drop by and ask any questions you may have about this. I am always willing to help answer any questions about this current build or ones you may have thumb.gif

Also just to note he went with a 36MM top then the one in the pic once I receive it the mail will show you all the new look so stay tuned smile.gif
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Hey Everyone

Few new pics for you all I did a little bit more modification plan on doing some additional work to make the thing pop even more hope you all enjoy and stay tuned smile.gif

I am planning to put some acrylic panels into cover up some of the unwanted cables that are a little messy. But should look really good once covered up. Will try to get more pics once that is in place. If anyone knows a place that can customize acrylic panels to match the back panel of the case that would be really helpful thanks. Feel free to drop links or message me in private smile.gif
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Hey Everyone

Just another quick update to share with anyone who is watching this build take place. I ended doing some custom power cord work to make this build a bit more special. If anyone is interested in how this is done check out: http://www.overclock.net/t/871183/guide-how-to-sleeve-a-psu-power-cord its a really good how to guide done by Lutro.

Well enjoy and here is a pic of my finished work on the power cord

Enjoy smile.gif
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Nice fit! What radiators and pump/reservoir combo did you use? and how did you fill it?
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Following along to keep an eye on the progress. Looking good so far! smile.gif
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I ended up using the EK pump res... I am trying to switch the d5 I have to a aquabus d5 to work with the aquaero. The radiators are hardware labs gts 240 one on the top and the other in the front. I hopefully will be making progress soon. trying to Make a nice look psu cover to work cover the unwanted cables make it cleaner...

If you all have any questions please feel free to ask.

Any feedback you have that will help me please feel free to reach out to me.

Thanks smile.gif
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Since you mentioned using a PSU cover, have you considered getting some custom cables from somewhere like Mod-One?
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The cables in the picture are ones I custom made... MDPC-X is such a fine product biggrin.gif
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Originally Posted by Rdoxey View Post

The cables in the picture are ones I custom made... MDPC-X is such a fine product biggrin.gif

Woops! i only had time to quickly scroll through before and hadn't paid any attention to the PSU end, just the component side. Ignore my comment then!

Honestly, I like to show off custom cables. The only thing I'd want a shroud for is the green PCB Aquero.

I have a great fondness for MDPC-X sleeving. I'll have several sets ordered over the next few months smile.gif
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Its all good no worries lol biggrin.gif I been so busy working on certain things that I have to finish breaking things down and begin to clean the RADs. Once I do that its just a matter of putting it all back together and making it look awesome.
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