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I want to start off by saying a big thank you to Enermax for giving my this chassis for review! Let's get right to it!

Product Page

General Specifications


The full color box packaging is great to have, it details out the content of the box in a way a brown box never can. The case itself is protected by styrofoam sides along with a plastic bag for any dirt or dust that could happen during transportation.


The first thing we notice from the exterior is that it has parts painted in blue, it has a subtle look when turned off, which from what pictures suggest, won't stay that way! We spot a handle for the window side panel too.


Room for an ATX psu with the fan facing up or down, 7 expansion slots with blue protective covers and a fixed spot fill the back of this case. Pretty standard, in terms of ATX case layout.

Front and back preview

When we open the window side panel, we see the blue motherboard tray pop up to our faces right away. We also get a quick glimpse of the LED cables, but this is just the start.


Disassembly is quite straight forward, the top and front panels have tons of wires because of the huge amount of LEDs the case has.

HDD Cage

The bottom HDD cage can fit three drives, just like the top one, but this one is fixed to the case. The drive caddies are easy to use and toolless.

Case Fans

The two front fans are almost identical to Vegas fans and are controlled by the case. The rear is an Enermax Enerflo model without LEDs. I would've loved to see the rear included fan be a same as the two front fans.

In Depth Details

The three 5.25" bays are toolless and the mechanism seems well built.

The expansion bay covers are all vented, which helps with airflow.

The top of the case is made to accommodate either two 120/140mm fans or a 240mm radiator.

The front and top both have sturdy mesh with easily removable designs, this includes the 5.25" covers too. All the filters are of high quality.

The front includes power, reset switches, two USB 3.0, two USB 2.0, HD Audio, HDD and power LED, a light control switch for the cases LEDs and a 3 level fan controller. The layout if very neatly done and easily accessible.

The bottom of the case has room for a 120mm fan too with filter (which covers the PSU too), but I feel they're very narrow and restrictive.

LED Leads Spaghetti

The LED leads are quite numerous, but with the path they've been designed to go through, they're not too much in the way thankfully.

Package Content

The case has extra screws of various sorts, a handfull of cable ties and 4 Enermax velcro straps, two small, two longer along with the users manual.


Builds specs
MSI Z170A Gaming M5
Enermax Liqmax 240
Enermax Platimax D.F. 650W
Three Western Digital drives
MSI 290X Lightning (302mm long)

The build was actually quite easy and cable management was not too bad. The case could definitely benefit from an extra 5-10mm. The only place for 2.5" drives is in the caddies, none behind the motherboard. This is a pretty big downfall IMO.


If the case had more room for cable management and a spot to mount at least one 2.5" drive behind the motherboard along with removable HDD and 5.25" cage, it would be so much better, but as is, I give this case a 3.5 flames out of 5.