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I have found an app for changing leds on MSI cards, works on mine.

reddit page:
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Gaming and Gaming X should have the same PCB, the important part in the BIOS is the same. So, no concerns here.
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@hellm My card uses the IR3567B voltage controller (I have the Gigabyte RX 470 G1 Gaming) so there is a way to turn on LLC in the BIOS for that voltage controller? So what do you want me to test in vrmtool?
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the settings for your PWM. and Load Line.

again, i think der8auer said this in one of his vids, not sure, but changing PWM frequency has an impact on other settings; so, this might lead to instability or even damage.
for my testing: 360khz brought me a red screen, and no better oc results. i recommend you test it before making it permanent with a BIOS-mod.

with vrmtool, you can change the same register values.
Originally Posted by gupsterg 
0x22 = fSW Loop 1, see notes below.
0x24 = Loadline slope Loop 1, (x*0.025mΩ), min 0.0mΩ max 6.375mΩ.
0x38 = Loadline calibration, 80h or 81h = normal operation (ie vDroop), 01h = no vDroop.

VRM switching frequency (fSW):
Converting hexadecimal to kHz
Converting kHz to decimal for setting hexadecimal
F0h = 200kHz
A0h = 300kHz
78h = 400kHz
60h = 500kHz
50h = 600kHz
3Ch = 800kHz
30h = 1000kHz
Note: IR3567B supports 200kHz to 2000kHz but most common gate drivers max 1000kHz.

For the load line: no real use. just add more Vcore..

But i will help you with editing VOI table and change table length. if you realy want to do that.
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@hellm Yes please on learning how to edit VOI table. Will get a vrmtool dump soon.
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62 00 03 01 01 03 2E 00 08 96 10 00 00 00 00 00 29 00 24 00 2B 00 2C 00 33 00 72 00 24 00 1C 00 14 00 22 00 39 00 BE 00 61 00 03 00 62 00 7E 00 FF

this is the relevant first part of the VOI table. To find the voltage object info table, use atombiosreader, it is one of the data tables. or just search for "03 01 01 03"

if you add more bytes you have to adjust both length values i marked above.
add 4 bytes -> 0x62 + 4 = 0x66, and 2E +4 = 32.

the bytes for a register are 2 shorts, first byte register, 00 byte, value, 00 byte:
example pwm 400kHz:
22 00 78 00
add the bytes before the FF placeholder.

to adjust table length, goto last spoiler:
it is the same for polaris.

after you added bytes, you have to make sure the UEFI/GOP is at the right offset, so delete the same amount of placeholder "FF" bytes found before the GOP. This will also fix file length.

Update CRC, done.
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@hellm How did you managed to convert 400khz to get the hex values you listed there and also where to insert into? Also in VRM tool you can disable loadline which would result in a register 01h and changed the VID, is there a way to change in the actual BIOS ?
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No, 0x01 is not the register, that would be 0x38. to set this register from 0x81 to 0x01 turns load line off. It is that simple.
If you change PWM to 400KHz with vrmtool, you see that the register 0x22 change from 0x9E to 0x78. How to get those hex-values we know thx to gupsterg, i posted the calculations above^^.

Those registers are not present in the BIOS, they are set by default. If you want to change that value, you have to add the register to voi table, like i explained.
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something have changed.
my voltage under load is no longer 1125mv, it is now 1119mv (as we all know it has 6mv steps).
I am on latest driver, guess if it is driver related or something else?
I get -31mv drop now, it used to be -25mv.

VRM cannot be aging this fast, they stay at 70C LOL.

wow, wow there is soemthing wrong. VRMs hit 94C?!? since how long? what?
I have to look into this, something is wrong biggrin.gifbiggrin.gif (I know 90C is fine for them tongue.gif)
Everything is now back to normal, temperatures are important thumb.gif
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Better stay away from 17.10.2, there are more and more people complaining about crashes and what not.

Was unstable for me too, crashed my mouse driver, had a black screen at startup and AMD settings crashed.
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