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CaseLabs S8S Build: Megumin

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Announcing Megumin, an S8S build!

In case it was not obvious from all the gifs, this build is themed after Megumin from Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku o! (Konosuba: God`s Blessing on This Wonderful World!) So the colors will be black, red and brass.

Now to reveal the build specs...

Case: Case Labs S8S Black with 280 & 360 mount Left side and Top windows
CPU: AMD 1700 @ 4.0GHz (binned)
Motherboard: ASRock Fatal1ty X370 Pro
RAM: 32GB Ripjaws F4-3200C14D-32GVR
GPU: GTX 1070 SEA HAWK EK X (already own)
PSU: Seasonic SSR-850TD
M.2 SSD: 1TB 960 EVO
SATA SSD: 1TB Reactor, 500GB mx200 256GB m4, 256GB m4 (already own all of these)

Oh did I mention, there is super exciting water cooling!

Rads: EK-RAD-PE-360 & EK-RAD-CE-280
Pump: Aquastream Ultimate AQ-41108
Res: Aquainlet PRO 100 ml AQ-34062
Compression Fittings: Brass For ID 1/2" OD 3/4" Tube BP-TBCPF-CC5U
120mm fans: CO-9050042-WW
140mm fans: CO-9050047-WW
Controller: Aquaero 6 LT AQ-53234 with AQ-53158 red heatsink

There is also all the other fittings like QDs and 90s and 45s ect.

When completed, it will explode ..please don't

Let's see some pics

This is the Aquastream Ultimate before bing mounted into the case. I covered the mounting area with masking tape and marked the drill points. I also put masking tape double sided around the area and below to catch the metal that was going to fly everywhere. I then used more tape to clean up any access.

Here you can see the pump mounted to the case. You can also see the AQ 6 mounted next to it. I took an old plastic bay cover and drilled holes in it for mounting and then painted it black to match. I Then simply velcroed it to the case.

Here you can see the AQ6 from above, some of the fan cables are already connected.

Here is a pic of the first pressure test of the entire case cooling system, about 40% of the system is complete. There will be 3 more tubing runs to do from the pump to the gpu, the gpu to the cpu and the cpu to the 280 rad.
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Subbed, curious to see where this goes, need some ideas for my S8S.
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From my testing it looks like you can mount at least 6 SSDs comfortably in the mount under the motherboard tray. I am only going to have 2-3 to start with but I am glad to have the extra space. I picked up some sata right and left angle adapters and am surprised I have not seen them in any other builds. I will post some pics of what they look like when I mount the drives.
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I've got 2 SSD's under my try running in raid. Overall i love the case but I haven't pushed yet into water yet beyond my AIO, just running a Swiftech 220X unit and my 1080ti is on air at the moment.

Here's 2 picks of my current setup, the GPU is now a EVGA GTX 1080ti FTW3 though now but you get the gist.

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I'm always up for an S8S build, even if it is a black one . . . biggrin.gif

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So yesterday I worked on getting the actual "computer" running.

Testing out the PSU before using it.

Getting the motherboard hooked up and ready to go. Yea I used an old 430 so I could get a video output and hooked it up to the TV.

Now trying to get windows to work was a disaster. First I messed up by not trying to install via UEFI:USB and just USB so after restarting that process I installed without issue. However, once installed windows would reboot every few min.

I was at a complete loss. I figured it might be a bios issue so I updated to the latest. Then I figured a driver issue and so I upgraded what I could but the system could only run for about 2min before it would restart so driver installs had to complete within that time or things got even worse...

Finally I had cpuz in there, I figured maybe the ram does not like running slow. Switched to 3200mhz c14 and it booted right up (which is great) but it still would reboot after about 2min. Then I started looking at the core voltage in cpuz and thinking wow that number just looks really low. I mean it could go down below .45 even in the .3 range. Then I remembered about the balanced AMD plan, I tried to get it but was never able to within the 2min time frame. Then I thought, crap I should just switch it to high performance mode.

Apparently, setting the power plan to high performance is a requirement when installing windows. I am sure this does not occur to everyone because I have yet to hear anyone else have this problem. However, I would advice anyone doing a ryzen build to as soon as you get windows installed to immediately go in and change the power plan to high performance as soon as the system boots up the first time. This way you can avoid wasting your entire day trying to figure out what is wrong like i did. thumb.gif

Now onto some tests:

This is the first quick test of the 960 EVO (windows default drivers)

The 32GB Ripjaws F4-3200C14D-32GVR run without issue so far when using XMP settings in bios. I did some quick testing for errors but I will do the real testing once the computer is actually "finished".
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So yesterday I worked on getting the actual "computer" running. Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
Getting the motherboard hooked up and ready to go. Yea I used an old 430 so I could get a video output and hooked it up to the TV.

Nothing wrong with these little GPUs that act like on-board graphics.
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When i thought that the issue might be the 430, I pulled out the big guns... a 210! biggrin.gif (the 210 is full height and thus bigger than the 430)
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So went to mount the SSDs into the drive mount and you can see that the screws are too far back so it is not possible to mount that way:

I have a few different drives I tried including a an old broken laptop drive, non can fit the mountings. This is something CaseLabs should look to fix in the future.

I also wanted my cables to come out via the big open slots in the mounting plate so that it would be easy to access them so for this I used 90 degree adapters.

These adapters will allow the ports to face down and into the holes in the mounting plate. In order to mount the drives to the mounting plate when the screw holes were all over the place I simply used velcro. Now if I was mounting a spinning disk I would need to drill new holes but for an SSD this is plenty although it does increase the total drive height.

I got the drives mounted and got some cables connected. For now it is a bit of a mess but I got some new cables on the way to make things a bit more tidy down there.

Later I ran a test of all the fans and the AQ to ensure all of that is working.

I also removed my 1070 from my old computer and flushed a gal of distilled though it and then ran another gal in a temp loop in it with a filter for a few hours just to try to ensure I got that thing cleaned out as much as possible. I was in a hurry to do those parts so I do not have pics, sorry.

With luck I will be able to get the 1070 mounted in there and install the EK block to the cpu and get the last of the tubing cut and pressure test the final system today. If it is not too late I will be able to mix the coolant and get the system filled up tonight. thumb.gif

From there it is the long road of optimizing everything and then cleaning up any loose ends in the case.
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