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Hi everybody (not native english speaker).
Since I got this PC there is a huge problem in FPS games that is literally driving me crazy. Basically, here is what happens...
When I shoot and hold the fire button, my crosshair would, on its own, jump frenetically left to right as if it is spiking. It's like, one second it shoots forward and suddenly it would jump somewhere on the side, left or right. Sometimes it is a micro movement to left-right, sometimes is huge big jump to somewhere around the screen. As if there is some invisible hand which is moving my mouse in unpredictable way. This is completely insane and as you can imagine it is impossible to play like this.
Unfortunately I am not really a tech person. I've bought this little budget pc to play some old FPS games (cs:go, cs 1.6) and don't know where to ask nor what to do to fix this. So far I've changed my video card, no result, tried different monitor, no result. The reason I am suspecting my SSD is because by installing or uninstalling the drivers for it it's the only thing that somehow influenced that behavior. It never went a way the problem, but it was reduced or increased based on whether I'd install or uninstall its driver. With its driver installed the problem is very big, with it uninstalled is more calm, almost playble...but problem is still there.
Please do you know any tool through which I could verify wether my SSD is the root cause of all of this? What do you think it might be? redface.gif