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Input on 1700x Ryzen overclock temps and voltages.

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Gigabyte ax370 gaming k7
Ryzen 7 1700x
16 gigs 3200 ram
2x rx480

I overclocked my ram previous to a stable clock of 2933 and just had that for a while but recently decided to try to overclock my cpu now as the bios is after maturing a bit with the recent update. I took some screenshots and was curious on your guys opinion of all the voltages and temps thus far.
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Looks like 1.3V for 3.8GHz Prime AVX stable?

It's decent CPU-wise.

Usually 1.35V gets you 3.8GHz.

I'd try to tweak RAM first if you have a Ryzen 7 1700X / Ryzen 7 1800X. The reason being 3.5GHz (all core XFR on R7 1700X) to 4GHz is only +13% (at least in Cinebench R15) at a major expense to power.

I'm unsure on the cooler you are using but I have a 140mm single fan cooler (True Spirit 140 Power from Thermalright) and i get similar temps on a R7 1700X when overclocking with 1.35V (~70°C T_die in Prime95).

Also your VRM temp is really high. You're hitting over 85°C VRM MOs.

AIDA64 result
Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

Prime result Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

edit: see also the initial Ryzen statistics
Originally Posted by https://forums.anandtech.com/threads/ryzen-r7-binning.2500961/ 
Ryzen 7 1700
97% reach 3.8GHz @ 1.376V
70% reach 3.9GHz @ 1.408V
20% reach 4.0GHz @ 1.440V

Ryzen 7 1700X
100% reach 3.8GHz @ 1.360V
77% reach 3.9GHz @ 1.392V
33% reach 4.0GHz @ 1.424V

Ryzen 7 1800X
100% reach 3.8GHz (assumed)
97% reach 3.9GHz @ 1.376V
67% reach 4.0GHz @ 1.408V
20% reach 4.1GHz @ 1.440V

Their test setup used Realbench stress test for 1 hour on a Asus Crosshair VI Hero + Corsair H105 with 2x8GB DDR4-2400MHz CL15.

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Hello hoping you can give me a hint or 2 on getting my ram speed up from 2800Mhz stable and cpu clock above 3.8 Mhz stable up to the 4.0Mhz

Here is a link to my current build 1700x/asusx370-prime/lpx3000Mhz with a 240AIO in push pull config. Build link in detail here. https://pcpartpicker.com/user/isac31337/saved/#view=8XrXsY

Now I go about trying to get the ram at 3000Mhz as first priority, I could boot today with the latest BIOS (810), (starting at stock CPU clocks) but by putting the big 3 voltages up at the following VCore at 1.45, SOC @ 1.25 and ram voltage @ 1.425000. Now I know these voltages are a little high but even at that the 3000 isn't stable. I assume so because it only boots into windows a low % of the time.

Also with the same voltage setting trying to get the CPU up past 3.9Ghz (with the ram @ 2800Mhz stable) after 15 of prime 95 crashes.

My main questions are what other options should I look to adjust next and how to go about doing it. Do i need to push the voltages more? Also I've been looking for detailed bios screenshots for example voltage settings (I'm volted higher than OP and cant reach past that 3.8/2800Mhz.) Is my chip just unlucky? Thanks in advance for any and all help opinions, facts, yada, yada, yada.

edit: details
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People have a bit less luck on the X370 Pro with Hynix based RAM compared to the Gigabyte X370 K7 flagship board. Also Ryzen doesn't like odd timings , CL15 is an odd timing (especially with geardown mode on) so set manual timings and don't use XMP.

I would try setting the timings to 16-16-16-36 or 16-16-16-38 , or 16-18-18-38 for a low bin Hynix kit such as the Corsair Vengeance LPX 3000Mhz CL15 (With 2933MHz RAM clock).

You should only need 1.05 or 1.1V SOC and about 1.4V VDIMM.
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I went and put my ram up to its rated speed of 3200MHz and ended up having to bring my CPU voltage up some more to keep the system stable. With 2933 my system runs stable at a voltage of 1.33125 VCore but it seemed to cause some instability when I brought my ram up to 3200 and bumping my CPU voltage to 1.35v fixed it and ran a 14+Hour Prime95 blend test successfully and 4 hours of small FFT. I also twist tied a fan on top of the VRM right after posting this, the biggest problem with this board is the VRM heating up quite a bit though it can definitely handle it. Now my CPU temps max at 70 degrees and my VRM goes to about 65. Also, I'd suggest running your ram times at the rated speed of your sticks.

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