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Originally Posted by C4pt41n M0 R0n View Post

Tried to add Tuesday afternoon, 10/10/17, couldn't get through. I'll try again tomorrow or later.

Site seems to be down. I have 2 tasks that won't upload either.
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I got signed up, but no tasks available.

Finally got some tasks on my laptop.
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Dear participants,

Today we started to assign badges granted for total credit. They depict local forest animals of Karelia, the region of Russian Federation where the project server is located.

For the moment, badges are granted for milestones of 5000 and 25000 credits. More badges will follow soon!


5,000 :

25,000 :

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Hahaha I got me a squirrel!


Looks like a couple others have some special badges. @bfromcolo @toymachine
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Optimized apps are out for both windows and linux

Apparently it's 10X faster cool.gif
Original app:
real 13m 29.530s
user 13m 27.579s
sys 0m 0.027s

real 1m 26.704s
user 1m 24.704s
sys 0m 0.004s

real 1m 27.987s
user 1m 25.985s
sys 0m 0.005s

real 1m 20.868s
user 1m 18.872s
sys 0m 0.003s


- close BOINC (config reload will not work);
- unpack archive to project directory (on Windows it is path like "C:\Users\All Users\BOINC\projects\rake.boincfast.ru_rakesearch", on Linux /var/lib/boinc/projects/rake.boincfast.ru_rakesearch/ . On Linux also please make sure that rakesearch file is executable, and both rakesearch and app_info.xml are owned by boinc/boinc user/group;)
- start BOINC again.


Thanks to forum member Daniel thumb.gif
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Had to look up what BMI2 was:

Haswell, Excavator and Zen are listed. May have to try it again on the TR.
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I see emoga is tearing a new one.

1950x is slow with AVX2 app. Slower than my 3770k with AVX. frown.gif

And there is a bunny badge at 60k points.
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AVX is 35% faster on my 1950x than the AVX2 app.
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AMD has four 128-bit units for floating point and vector operations. Two of these can do addition and two can do multiplication. Intel has two 256-bit units, both of which can do addition as well as multiplication. This means that floating point code with scalars or vectors of up to 128 bits will execute on the AMD processor at a maximum rate of four instructions per clock (two additions and two multiplications), while the Intel processor can do only two. With 256-bit vectors, AMD and Intel can both do two instructions per clock. Intel beats AMD on 256-bit fused multiply-and-add instructions, where AMD can do one while Intel can do two per clock. Intel is also better than AMD on 256-bit memory writes, where Intel has one 256-bit write port while the AMD processor has one 128-bit write port. We will soon see Intel processors with 512-bit vector support, while it might take a few more years before AMD supports 512-bit vectors. However, most of the software on the market lags several years behind the hardware. As long as the software uses only 128-bit vectors, we will see the performance of the Ryzen processor as quite competitive.


I think it's a limitation of the Ryzen design , AVX2 is run on two 128-bit units

(similar results for Threadripper http://www.sisoftware.eu/2017/08/11/amd-threadripper-review-benchmarks-cpu-16-core-performance/)
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Weasel badge at 125k points
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