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They can be very argumentative, I used to post there all the time (nearly 4000 posts) but now only rarely visit.

Based on communications with billbartuska, I am going to do two builds. A small form factor quad core Pentium (ASRock J4205-ITX) for music and a full tilt gaming PC as documented above.

I should receive my motherboard this weekend for the music build, will start by cannibalizing an old Dell I have laying around for the case, HDD and power supply. Next month I will buy a small SSD. Today I should get my USB to SPDIF converter to connect the PC to my preamp's SPDIF DAC. This unit supports up to 24Bit/192K sampling rate for hi-rez music ( I also should be receiving an Ifi iSilencer 3 USB EMI Noise Suppressor and Filter ( It was only $50 so I will test to see if I can hear a difference. Eventually I will go with an external DAC, but not anytime soon with more pressing things to buy.

Glad to see this moving forward. I will keep an eye out for a thread on AVS to follow along.

I live 30 minutes away from Wyred 4 Sound and they are supposed to make great DACs, especially for the price. Been meaning to get to their office for a listening session but every time I am in their area I am up there for work. Try to rush and get what I am doing done quickly but it never happens, such is life in agriculture.

Right now I use my FireTV for anything digital, bluray player hardly ever turns on anymore, used it maybe 4 times in the last year. So I am trying to get my personal computer setup for a "whole home" type of solution.

Goal is to have my computer be a movie/music server while also running a second system as a virtual machine.

The computer is going to be in my garage and then I will have all TVs as "access points" via Steam Links.

This way I can stream games, movie and music anywhere in the house and maybe even get rid of the bluray player.

VM machine is, more than anything, meant to allow my wife to play games on her laptop with me with my computer doing the heavy lifting in the background. Basically my own private Geforce NOW.