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Is my SSD going bad?

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HD Tune is giving me the following readout:

Does this mean the SSD is on it's way out? If so, can you recommend a reliable replacement? It's been a while since I've been in the market for a good SSD. I know Samsung and Intel have good names, beyond that I would have to start my research from scratch.

I have been having intermittent issues with it disappearing from the boot options and having to manually re-select it at the primary boot drive. I've never had issues playing games as they are all on other drives.
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try a different program to make sure the data is true , such as hard disk sentinel

samsung 850 evo is still one of the best,

if you can find sandisk ultra 3D, or western digital blue 3d, cheaper than the evo, they are good alternatives although the have 2 years less warranty

intel 545s is also quite good if you find it cheaper than the above
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Hard disk sentinel also shows bad sectors and gives a warning.

Last night I was up till midnight trying to get adobe reader to install. I'm pretty certain that regardless of the disk health it was adobe reader that was causing the computer to freeze, requiring a hard reset. I tried the adobe cleaner tool to erase the previous damaged installations but it still always crashed the comp when I tried to install adobe reader.

I will probably get on ordering a Samsung 250gb or 500gb Evo to replace this.
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