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Need a fast mass storage option. Opted for 2x 6tb Western Digital Blacks (128mb cache)

I noticed that my bios (x399 gigabyte aorus) has no option to set stripe size, but I do have options for read ahead/no read ahead and write back/write through.

I tried going with the default read ahead and write back options, but while crystal disk mark showed 2x performance for read, it showed an actual loss in write performance. Attempting to transfer a file took ages to write to the raid disk.

Resetting the raid array to read ahead and write through and benching through crystal mark showed 2x performance for read and 2x performance for write. Excitedly, I attempted to write some large files over, but was dissapointed with the once again slow write rates (~175mbs second)

Any idea why this might be? Also how can I go about changing the stripe size with my gigabyte bios?

Ok.... so apparently now crystalmark disk is showing write performance as having dropped even though I set it to write through.... what is going on here? I just want my 2x wd blacks to have 2x performance in both read AND write in raid0. Read is no problem, im getting 2x performance, write is spotty..

So i changed it back to write back, and it seems performance across the board is 2x. The problem seems to be that whenever I start writing a large file (500gb) after about 150gb is written, the speed starts to dramatically slow down to 150mbs/sec. This is verified through crystaldisk mark. Are my storage raid drives overheating? Would disabling windows write cache buffer flushing help with this?

The data I store on these raid0 storage devices is not ultra crucial so I dont mind occasional data loss. I just want consistent write/read performance for large files.
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