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Windows 7 cant recognize my 660 TI anymore?

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So I had my browser open with a twitch stream and various youtube videos (memory and gpu drain)...
started PUBG on 1280x1024 black bars (the game naturally stretches low resolutions, but I have nvidia overwrite this. I mention this because the game seems to act up sometimes due to this, like going from fullscreen to windowed back to full).

Apparently I ran out of memory or something because midgame I got a black screen, then the game came back briefly, it went on a bit and then it crashed. Still, windows acting normal. I was able to launch the game again and reconnect. Crash again right away.

I decide to restart my PC. Suddenly my screen resolution drops from 1080p to 800x600 or something, displayed 1:1 (gameboy size).
Turns out my GPU and monitor are not recognized anymore. However the green lamps are still glowing on the GPU.

Now I cant even get to windows without safe mode. Tried reinstalling drivers as well.

What can and should I do? Its windows 7 64 bit. Please ask if information is required.
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Bluescreen now when not in safe mode:

"Failed to reset monitor driver" or something.
nvlddmkm.sys error

The bluescreen was the only thing I got in fullscreen. Typing in gameboy res atm. What do?
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Hmmm, try reinstalling the driver. Clean the entirety of the old driver out and install a fresh one, see if that helps any.

If it doesnt, try swapping the GPU to the other PCI-E slot on your board. If neither one works, there's a very real possibility your GPU just died on you.
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Wont let me reinstall the driver in safe mode and normal gives me a bluescreen now. Hm...

Thinking about rebooting windows.
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Do you have another card which to try with?
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Did the card appear in device manager (devmgmt.msc) correctly before all the bluescreening?

Do the driver uninstall in safe mode (maybe use the driver force unstinall tool DDU) and boot up normally for the installation.

Was there a new driver update recently? Maybe try rolling back to an older driver version.
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it was really late so I went to bed.. booting up today, it works fine (sort of). gpu gets recognized.

I start the browser and the first 3 second black screen happens... well, guess you were right. Time to say goodbye to my 660.
...or maybe its a still a driver problem. IDK.

Just started gpu-z, another 5 second blackscreen.
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One more update, when I try to install drivers I just get a blackscreen and it crashes.

Safe to say the GPU is done for? Any way I can 100% confirm?
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Only method i can suggest is to play musical video cards with another system and see what happens.
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Thank you for the help btw.

So I plugged in my trusty old 4980 and everything boots and works just fine..
What if I deleted the file that gives me the bluescreens? the "nvlddmkm.sys"?

Maybe its corrupted due to my shenanigans or something.
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